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Carpet Paint Removal

This featured photo shows good before and after results of the Sunshine Cleaning Services carpet paint removal service.  One of our customers was painting their living room when they spilled this large amount of dark paint in their carpeting. They called us immediately and we gave them the following carpet saving instructions:

  • Flood the spill with hot water
  • Lay a micro fiber towel over the spill and apply even pressure by standing and pressing your weight upon the towel over the spill
  • Rinse the towel out thoroughly
  • Repeat above process until you’ve completely removed all of the liquid portion of the paint
  • Place a hot, moist towel over the remaining stained area
  • Call Sunshine Cleaning Services immediately

We then truck mount steam cleaned the area completely removing the remaining paint and stain thus saving their carpeting. This accident occurred last summer of 2013. They had me return this summer of 2014 for their regular yearly cleaning and I was pleased to see that there had been no recurring stain in the accident area confirming that I had effectively removed the paint even down to the backer and pad levels. Double confirmation occurred when I truck mount steam cleaned this summer with no returning stain problem at all.

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