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Carpet Spills Remedy

Here’s a free carpet spills remedy tip for you from Sunshine Cleaning Services!

  • Fill an ice tea pitcher up with hot tap water
  • Get some clean dish or bath towels 
  • Pour some of the hot water over the spill, but don’t saturate, just thoroughly moisten
  • Fold a towel in half, lay it over on top of the spill
  • Step on it…By stepping on the spill through the towel your body weight will compress the carpet fibers down squeezing the liquids from the spill out of the carpet fiber for the towel to absorb. Don’t hand scrub the spill, this will only spread the spill out over a larger area.
  • Remove the towel from the spill and put the towel into the kitchen sink of hot water for soaking.
  • If some spill still remains, repeat this process. Repeat until the spill has been absorbed out of the carpet.
  • Call Mark of Sunshine Cleaning Services at 270-302-2105 and schedule a carpet cleaning appointment to thoroughly remove any and all remaining spill residue leaving your carpet clean, disinfected, deodorized, and refreshed.
  • Remember to wash your used towels in hot water immediately to save them from having any set in staining

This featured pic is an actual picture of one of my stain removal jobs. The spill is dark paint! My customer followed my instructions, then covered the area with some plastic until I could get there, this helps keep the carpet fibers from drying out with the possibility of some spill residue still in them. I went out and did a Hot Water Extraction Steam Clean using my Pretreatment and as you can see we saved the carpet with almost no set in staining!  

Call Mark Baker of Sunshine Cleaning Services Today! 270-302-2105

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