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Dry Foam Oxygenated Cleaning by Sunshine Cleaning Services

Dry foam oxygenated cleaning by Sunshine Cleaning Services is very unique. As seen in this article’s featured photo, the cleaning solution is very dry like, airy, and foamy.  It has very good soil emulsification (dissolving) power, and after dissolving the soil it lifts it making it ready for our extraction process. As you can see this solution isn’t very wet like making it a very good low moisture cleaning product of ours. If you look closely you will see another very unique – to – Sunshine product we offer. The small oval shaped rings in the cleaning solution show the scrub cleaning pattern of our orbital scrubber which produces hundreds of orbital oscillations per second as it scrubs your flooring surface clean. Our orbital scrubber makes the old rotary units that many of our competitors are still using obsolete. The rotary just spins in a circular motion, in one direction, at a lower speed. Our orbital equipment orbits in a circular motion, in every direction on its axis at over 1700 rpms. This means that you will receive a much deeper clean. When cleaning carpets these orbital machines of ours actually lift your carpet fibers up as they clean as well. The old rotaries just leave your carpet fibers smashed down.

Sunshine Cleaning Services offers orbital dry foam oxygenated cleaning for carpets, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, laminates, and concrete.

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