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April 2013

Sunshine meets the carpet cleaning challenge!

We have customers ask, “can you really get this carpet clean?”. Our answer, “Yes.” This picture reflects the results of our carpet cleaning restoration process. We just cleaned this carpet last week (April of 2013). As you can see we had very good results restoring this carpet which saved our customer several hundred dollars in carpet replacement costs in just this one room alone. Our “rule of…

Reason number 32 for why you need Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Services

Have Sunshine Cleaning Services clean, disinfect, and deodorize your carpets regularly for that healthy environment for your kids and pets!

With the quality of our service, and the price we charge, you can’t go wrong. We will prolong the life of your carpets and give you cleaner indoor air as well.

Give us a call, and check out our carpet cleaning video on the residential and commercia…

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