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March 2014

Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning time is here!

It’s time to call Sunshine Cleaning Services @ 270-302-2105

We can take care of all your spring cleaning needs from your ceiling fans to your floors and your windows in between.

Here’s just a few reasons to choose Sunshine Cleaning Services for all your cleaning needs:

IICRC Certified Cleaning Services
Detail oriented cleaning

Dry Foam Oxygenated Cleaning by Sunshine Cleaning Services

Dry foam oxygenated cleaning by Sunshine Cleaning Services is very unique. As seen in this article’s featured photo, the cleaning solution is very dry like, airy, and foamy.  It has very good soil emulsification (dissolving) power, and after dissolving the soil it lifts it making it ready for our extraction process. As you can see this solution isn’t very wet like making it a very good low…

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