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Dealing with Spilling

To reduce your chances of permanently set in staining, when a spill occurs on your carpeting, immediately take a clean cotton or micro fiber cloth and dab at the spill until you have removed the liquids, then contact us to come in and clean the room area.

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Mark —

At Sunshine Cleaning Services we have bottled our carpet cleaning solution in spot cleaning strength for you to have and use in between our visits. A 32 oz. bottle is just $10. Need Some? Just give us a call, 270-302-2105. Free delivery in the Owensboro area!

    Mark —

    First, “dab” and absorb the spill with a micro fiber cloth, you may step on the cloth using your body weight to compress the area. Try not to rub and thus spread the stain further. Then, spray and moisten the area with the Sunshine Cleaning Services spot cleaning solution, let it stand for about 30 seconds, then once again, “dab” up the moisture. You can gently scrub the area at this point. Repeat if necessary.

      Mark —

      At Sunshine Cleaning Services we have remarkable stain removal methods using pre-treatment and Orbital scrub, then Truck Mount Steam Cleaning. This 2 stage carpet restorative cleaning program will eliminate most all of those hard to get rid of stubborn stains. We even have good luck with red stain removal. Give us a call. We’ll save you thousands of dollars by restoring your carpets instead of replacing them!

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