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We are passionate about the quality of our services. Our company continues to grow with our high quality workmanship, competitive rates and certified services. From our tools and machines, to our professionally trained staff we continue to raise the bar with our detail oriented services. Our high customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself. From our residential to our commercial clients, our customers stay with us. They are loyal and appreciate our high quality, personable, competitively priced services. They love the idea of our “One Stop Shop” as we take care of all their cleaning needs from general to floor cleaning services and everything in between.

Yes. We are licensed and insured from general liability to workman’s comp, from residential to commercial. We are covered for your protection and our professionalism.

We have both of the leading carpet cleaning methods. Our “Orbot Green” method is a low moisture orbital carpet scrubber that takes only about an hour or two to dry. Our “Truck Mounted Steam Clean” method incorporating powerful moisture extraction only takes about 4 hours to dry.

We are certified from machine operation, to solution mixing and methodology. This together with our careful, detail oriented cleaning methods insure that the service you receive is of the highest quality. One of the most important ways we set our high quality carpet cleaning standards is to carefully monitor the amount of solution and water we use ; and by leaving your carpets with a safe, neutral PH rating that will help your carpets stay cleaner longer. Remember, to help your carpets dry faster keep your air moving by using your air conditioner, or during cold months just turn your heat off and run the fan only until their dry.  Plus, while your carpets are still damp, do not put anything back down on them, and limit your walking on them. If you must walk on them make sure your wearing only socks. No shoes. No bear feet. You don’t want to re soil your carpets in any way. When they feel dry to your hand, your home free and you’ll have long lasting carpet cleanliness.

You may cause more damage than good by using inadequate “over the counter” or rental equipment with limited “know how”. Usually, this causes too much moisture and too little extraction leaving your carpets too wet and too soapy. This causes high PH ratings, and can also cause such problems as mold and mildew. Using the wrong or inadequate solutions can also cause your stains to become permanently “set in”. The good news is that we have priced our services so well that you can have us professionally clean your carpets for about the same amount of money that it would take for you to try and do it yourself, not to mention the time you would have invested as well. Just have Sunshine do it.

Yes. We can take care of all your floor cleaning needs from laminate and vinyl cleaning, complete VCT (vinyl composite tile) restoration and buffing, to concrete and terrazzo scrubbing, cleaning and waxing.

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