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Sunshine Gets The Dirt Out!

Bottom, Before Cleaning / Top, After Sunshine Cleaning

This is a recent photo of one of our before and after carpet cleaning results. As you can see Sunshine Cleaning Services really deep cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes. We restore your carpets as we remove those stubborn stains and soils. Our steam cleaning process sanitizes your carpets making them not only clean, but also healthy for you and your family. Cleaner carpets means cleaner air quality.

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Mark —

I was showing one of our customers today about how controlled our cleaning process is. I had a good sized carpet remnant, I placed it on the floor, truck mount steam cleaned it, bent it back enough to show how we get the carpets clean all the way down to the backer material. Then I turned it over and showed them that even though we deep clean our system will not let the cleaning solutions penetrate the backer, this means the moisture never gets to your pad! This is a very good thing!

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