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Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Before you rip up your carpet that you think isn’t worth saving give Sunshine Cleaning Services a call! We have had several customers in all three of our service categories including residential, property management, and commercial that thought their carpets could not be saved, but called Sunshine anyway. We have all the latest IICRC certified carpet cleaning methods available from our truck mounted steam clean system to our “exclusive to us” Orbot Green Technology using our orbital carpet scrubber, The Orbot. We can restore carpets with the heaviest of soils and stains! And yes, they are clean, disinfected, and deodorized with our process. If your wondering if your carpets can be restored, call us here at Sunshine Cleaning Services @ 270-302-2105.

With our competitive prices it will be worth your while to have us come in and see just how clean we can get your carpets. Most of the time our customers are very surprised and very happy with our results and the money we save them. Our rule of thumb is for every $100 you spend with our carpet cleaning department we will save you $1000 in early carpet replacement costs! Great return! That’s our job.

You can see first hand one of our carpet restoration examples with this article’s featured picture where we got the carpets astonishingly clean with very few “permanently set in” stains left behind, and even these set in stains are clean, that’s just carpet fiber discoloration where the soil set for a very long time before it was tended to.

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