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Carpet Spill Cleanup

An emergency carpet spill cleanup tip from Mark of Sunshine Cleaning Services

  1. If your spill is heavy with lots of liquid of any kind, then pour some hot water into the area and use a wet vacuum to quickly remove as much of the moisture / spill as possible. If your spill is not liquid heavy then start with point 2. 
  2. Pour hot tap water into the spill, but don’t over-saturate, that will only rinse the spill into the backer and pad where it will be almost impossible to get out. Just moisten. 
  3. Lay a towel over the moistened spill area then stand and press your foot / feet into the spill area. Your body weight will compress the stained carpet fiber “squeezing” the moistened spill out of the carpet fiber as the towel absorbs the spill into itself. Do not hand scrub the area, this will only transfer the stain / spill out into a larger perimeter of carpeted area. 
  4. Get more hot water and clean towels and repeat as many times as necessary to remove and absorb the spill from the carpet. 
  • Call me, Mark Baker at 270-302-2105 to make an appointment for me to come and Truck Mount Steam Extraction Clean the area and room to insure all the spill and stain has been removed.

Remember to have me clean your carpets once per year. My high quality carpet cleaning will remove dirt and soils from your carpet ensuring that your carpets stay cleaner longer and last longer. My process cleans deeper than vacuuming alone removing those carpet fiber damaging dirts and soils from the carpet backer level that cause carpet fiber deterioration. My process will Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize, and Deodorize your carpets with minimal moisture, fast dry times, and no residue.   

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