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Orbot Green

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It has come to my attention that one of our competitors may be trying to copy one of our carpet cleaning methods that Sunshine has already been using for over 5 years now. This is actually a compliment, but to set the story straight, I purchased an Orbot machine from HOS manufacturing, and over about 5 years have developed a carpet and hard floor care method that is unique to Sunshine with the tweaking of my pads, solutions and operational methods. I coined the phrase “Orbot Green Technology”. This has been a part of our marketing and logos ever since. Thanks to all of our faithful customers this has become a very successful floor care method for Sunshine Cleaning Services for 5 years running.

The original Sunshine Cleaning Services “Orbot Green Technology” is a low moisture, green, encapsulating carpet and floor cleaning method using our very own Orbot, a high speed, orbital motion scrubbing machine. With our special pads and odor neutralizing dry foam solutions our Orbot Green Technology is sure to please as it cleans up some of the worse soils and stains out there. The orbital motion not only cleans like no other, but it also lifts your carpets nap giving it that like new look and feel. This method gives us some of the best results in fighting the reoccurring stain problem that some carpets have because of large spills that were allowed to settle on the backer of the carpet. If you have a large spill on your carpet, immediately get a towel or two, place the towel over the spill, and stand on the towel over the spill, step off and move or replace the towel and stand on it again. Repeat this until you no longer get a transfer of the carpet spill onto your towel. This is the best way to remove liquids and such from your carpets, then call Sunshine and we will come and effectively remove the soils and stains restoring your carpets to fresh and clean again.

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