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Removing carpet stains and spills

Here’s a free “how to” tutorial for removing carpet stains and spills from your carpeting from Mark and Sunshine Cleaning Services.

  • First, as soon as the spill takes place, pour some hot water on the area and about 2 inches beyond the perimeter of the spill. Don’t over saturate, just thoroughly moisten and dilute the spill.
  • Lay a bath towel over the moistened spill and then stand on it. Don’t rub at the spill, this will only spread it onto other areas of your carpet. Just use a stepping motion on the towel over the spill until you have “stepped” on the entire stained and spilled area.
  • Rinse your towel out in your bath tub so the stain doesn’t ruin your towel asap.
  • Repeat the above process until the fresh stain or spill is gone preferably using a fresh, dry towel every time.
    This will  give you better absorption.

Using the above process dilutes the spill and absorbs it out of your carpeting before it has an opportunity to cause a permanently discolored area or possibly get into the backer or pad areas of your carpet.

Once you have done this, call me, Mark Baker @ 270-302-2105 of Sunshine Cleaning Services and schedule a time for me to come out and truck mount steam clean the area, or preferably the room where the spill took place for uniform cleanliness. This will ensure the removal of any remaining stain, spill, or residue caused by the spill so as to completely save your carpeting.  My carpet cleaning process cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes your carpets helping them to stay cleaner longer. This also helps the quality of your indoor air and over cleanliness of your home. I suggest you have me clean your carpets at least once per year. This will help your carpets to last much longer with less probability of permanently set in discolorations.

Another way to avoid having permanently set in discolorations in your carpets is to simply not wear your shoes in the house. Wearing shoes in the house is the number one factor in causing those unsightly “high traffic area” stained visible path ways.

For more information and free tips about floor care call me, Mark Baker of Sunshine Cleaning Services @ 270-302-2105.


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